Reliv Independent Distributor

I'm Ellen Hawkins and I'm a retired legal secretary now living in La Pine, Oregon.

I had a severe digestive disorder that dramatically limited my diet. 

I tried everything to remedy my issues and for years I wasn't able to eat dairy, gluten and fruit of any kind.

At one point my diet was just broth, rice, spinach and ground turkey.

I would go to the bathroom up to twenty times per day.  I had no control of my bowel movement.

I didn't sleep very well at night and my energy level was greatly reduced.

I was very weak; my skin color was gray.

I used to work out but I couldn't handle it anymore and it saddened me.

Then I was introduced to "Reliv".

After using it for a few weeks I started to experience great health benefits.

I started sleeping soundly throughout the night and my energy level greatly improved.

I started working out and was able to do a 45 minute Zumba exercise class without even stopping.

When I visited my sister in Florida to attend a special event I decided to try eating some foods that I normally could not eat.

I had a few slices of pizza and a few hard alcoholic drinks at the event. I have not had any alcoholic beverages in several years.

I danced many hours and felt terrific.  

Many years ago, I tore my rotator cuff and reinjured it four additional times over the last twenty years. The Reliv nutrition has helped tremendously with the recovery process.


I’m so grateful for "Reliv".  In such a short time I got my life back that I thought was lost forever.

I will always take Reliv products.

I have been selling Reliv products for four years. I am now earning enough per month to cover the cost of the products for my use and put some money in my pocket.  I see my business growing and expect it to increase in the next few months because I have a whole new momentum in my business.

I'm excited about what this will mean for my retirement which is coming up really soon!